Terms & Conditions

The Fine Print

To ensure there are no hidden surprises in our relationship with you, have a read of the following information and contact us if you have any questions or concerns.
Your satisfaction is our business!

Terms & Conditions

Placing an order with Brand Knew results in a contract of sale between you (the Purchaser) and Brand Knew (the Supplier). This contract of sale is subsequently bound by the Terms and Conditions that follow:


  • Goods remain the property of BRAND KNEW IDEAS - ABN 55 107 682 217 - until full payment has been received by Brand Knew.
  • Freight is an additional charge and is not included in the price quoted per unit, unless stated. Freight costs appear as a separate item specific to the delivery postcode.

Placing an Order

  • Upon submitting an email or online order, the order is not confirmed until you receive a acknowledgement from Brand Knew. This allows us to check stock availability, confirm price, and to make sure we can meet your deadline.
  • If you need your Order delivered by a particular date - PLEASE, be sure to let us know! We will move heaven and earth to achieve your deadline BUT, we can't help you if we don't know about it at the time you place your Order

Product Colour/Colour Matching

  • The colour of products viewed online may vary slightly from the actual product. If you require a sample, please contact us.
  • In the event that exact Pantone or CMYK colour information is not provided with your artwork file(s) Brand Knew will take all care to match as closely as possible to your artwork.


  • For information on acceptable artwork files and artwork services, please see our Artwork Requirements page.
  • Upon receiving an Customer Acknowledgement form from Brand Knew, you will be required to provide your artwork (ie. logo, slogan, etc) for your chosen product/garment. Following this, you will be emailed an Artwork Approval form and will be asked to check it carefully as this is how your finished product/garment will look. If satisfied, sign and return the Artwork Approval form promptly to ensure your Order proceeds to production without delay.
  • If, however, the artwork is required to be changed at this point due to error on Brand Knew's behalf, we will do so free of charge. Any other changes required, however, may incur a Change of Artwork fee.

Changing or Cancelling an Order after Approval of Artwork has been returned to Brand Knew

  • Once we receive an authorised Artwork Approval from you, your order will be sent to production and it may not be possible to make any changes to your Order. If, however, changes are indeed possible, a Change of Order fee may be incurred.
  • We understand from time to time it may be necessary to cancel a confirmed Order. Please be sure to email Brand Knew as soon as you can to advise us of your change of plans and, although we can't make any promises, we will try our best to halt production. Cancellation Fees may be incurred and we will contact you to discuss directly.

Terms of Payment

  • Payment is required in full upon placing an order, unless stated otherwise on your quote. In the event that changes are made to your order by Brand Knew due to stock availability issues, a refund will be issued for the adjusted amount and confirmation of the revised order will be emailed to you.


  • On delivery, please carefully check your order is correct and in the unlikely event that you are unsatisfied with the quality of your purchase, or an error has been made,  please contact us to discuss. We take extreme care to ensure your satisfaction with ALL aspects of your Brand Knew experience so if something isn't quite right, PLEASE let us know. We are approachable - we are friendly - and we love solving problems!


  • Although Brand Knew only uses reputable National/International freight companies, please understand that we do not take any responsibility for delivery delays resulting from the use of these companies. If you have a tight deadline, although all care will be taken to ensure you receive your goods by your required date, Brand Knew is unable to offer you a rock-solid delivery guarantee due to the use of 3rd party freight providers. If required, insurance can be arranged to cover you for any potential financial loss of late delivery, please contact your preferred Insurance Company or Broker for any options available to you.

Brand Knew's Pricing and Terms & Conditions of Sale are subject to change without notice. Last updated August 2018.