About BK

 Since 2004, Brand Knew has been the trusted supplier to a diverse range of organisations. From ASX200 listed companies, major Universities, Government departments, the health sector, Charities and a host of SME’s.

James started the business with little more than enthusiasm and sheer will to fulfil the needs of his clients.  He saw a gap in the promotional products industry for businesses that required extra assistance in hand-picking branded merchandise that works for their specific needs. 

James recalls receiving a Camel cigarettes branded t-shirt for Christmas at the tender age of 8 years old.
Of course, this wasn't unusual in the 1970's.
But it may have given birth to his interest in branded merch! 

 James with his Camel cigarette T-Shirt

Some of the more memorable promotional products from James’ youth also include:

  • Fanta and Coca-Cola yo-yos from the 70’s & 80’s
  • J&B Scotch Whiskey golf putter (the head of the putter was in the shape of the whiskey bottle) From his time in the hotel industry!
  • Branded matchbooks collected from bars and clubs throughout Melbourne
  • Sir James Champagne bathrobe (still in his possession after 25 years!)
  • His grandfather’s assortment of branded whiskey glassware dating back to the 60’s
  • Promotional ashtrays (another hotel industry thing)

Magnificent Marketing Mileage

Out of this eclectic collection of branded merchandise grew one of Brand Knew’s key business philosophies: If the right type of decoration is put on the right product, promotional products can live on way beyond the expected life-span of other forms of advertising and promotion.

In 2014 Celine joined Brand Knew, and with an eye for great design, brought extensive experience in fine arts and illustration to our artwork department and her passion for top shelf customer service has helped Brand Knew become the formidable business it is today.